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Fonio, an African cereal

Cruz J.F., Béavogui F., Drame D., Diallo T.A.. 2016. Montpellier : CIRAD, 154 p..

Fonio is considered a "minor" cereal compared to "major" cereals such as rice, wheat and corn. However it is the staple food of many rural families in West Africa. It was recently 're-discovered' by urban consumers in major African cities and has appeared on European and North American markets, where it is mainly sold as a fair trade and exotic product. Well suited to local conditions, this small grain can play an important role in the food security of southern countries, and in soil preservation by ensuring plant cover on ecologically vulnerable land. This book-the first of its kind on the subject of fonio-provides a comprehensive study of this grain, from cultivation to processing, and even includes a few recipes. It is mainly intended for producers, technicians and development partners, but will also be of interest to anyone looking for information about fonio, such as teachers, students, agronomists, technologists, as well as curious consumers.

Mots-clés : digitaria exilis; pratique culturale; système de culture; récolte; technologie après récolte; technologie alimentaire; grain; qualité; produit nouveau; innovation; composition globale; botanique; distribution géographique; séchage; décorticage; stockage; nettoyage de grains et semences; battage; commercialisation; consommation alimentaire; mécanisation; matériel d'après récolte; céréale; produit végétal transformé; afrique occidentale; nigéria; burkina faso; bénin; togo; guinée; guinée-bissau; sénégal; ghana; côte d'ivoire; gambie; sierra leone; niger; filière

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