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Trade-offs between ecosystem services in managed and abandoned semi-natural grasslands

Johansen L., Wehn S., Taugourdeau S., Hovstad K.A.. 2016. In : M. Höglind (ed.), A.K. Bakken (ed.), K.A. Hovstad (ed.), E. Kallioniemi (ed.), H. Riley (ed.), H. Steinshamn (ed.), L. Østrem (ed.). Proceedings of the 26th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation: The multiple roles of grassland in the European bioeconomy. Ås : European Grassland Federation; NIBIO, p. 633-635. (Grassland science in Europe, 21). European Grassland Federation: The Multiple Roles of Grassland in the European Bioeconomy 2016. 26, 2016-09-05/2016-09-08, Trondheim (Norvège).

The effect of abandonment of sheep grazing management in semi-natural grasslands were studied in 14 sites in Norway. Data of species and vegetation composition, functional traits and pollination resources were used as indicators for nine selected ecosystem services (ES). The majority of the ES were negatively affected by abandonment of sheep grazing management. We therefore conclude that abandonment diminishes delivery of ES.

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