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Satellite based multi-scale methods to support the governance of Brazilian low-carbon agriculture (abc plan)

Simoes M., Ferraz R.P.D., Bégué A., Bellon De La Cruz B., Freitas P.L., Machado P.L.O.A., Neves M.L., Skorupa L., Manzatto C.. 2016. In : Kerle N. (ed.), Gerke M. (ed.), Lefevre S. (ed.). GEOBIA 2016: Solutions and Synergies. Enschede : ITC, p. 1-3. GeoBia, 2016-09-14/2016-09-16, Enschede (Pays-Bas).

DOI: 10.3990/2.380

Brazilian Low Carbon Agriculture Plan (ABC Plan) is one the initiatives that places the climate in the agricultural agenda towards a more sustainable and adapted agriculture under global changes. Among the several practices listed and supported by the ABC Plan, zero tillage and integrated crop-livestock-forestry systems including the recovery of degraded pasture are the most relevant ones. Those practices introduced a complexity to agriculture landscape image analyse. The objective of this paper is to present the Geo-ABC Project and preliminary procedures using OBIA and satellite based multi-scale methods to monitor the introduced scenario of a new agriculture land use dynamics.

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