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Relationship between climate variables, trunck growth rate and wood density of Eucalyptus grandis W. Mill ex Maiden trees

Sette Junior C.R., Tomazello Filho M., Lousada J.L., Lopes D., Laclau J.P.. 2016. Revista Árvore, 40 (2) : p. 337-346.

DOI: 10.1590/0100-67622016000200016

Climatic conditions stimulates the cambial activity of plants, and cause significant changes in trunk diameter growth and wood characteristics. The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of climate variables in the diameter growth rate of the stem and the wood density of Eucalyptus grandis trees in different classes of the basal area. A total of 25 Eucalyptus trees at 22 months of age were selected according to the basal area distribution. Dendrometer bands were installed at the height of 1.30 meters (DBH) to monitor the diameter growth every 14 days, for 26 months. After measuring growth, the trees were felled and wood discs were removed at the DBH level to determine the radial density profile through x-ray microdensitometry and then re-scale the average values every 14 days. Climatic variables for the monitoring period were obtained and grouped every 14 days. The effect of the climate variables was determined by maximum and minimum growth periods in assessing trunk growth. These growth periods were related with precipitation, average temperature and relative air humidity. The re-scaled wood density values, calculated using the radial growth of the tree trunks measured accurately with steel dendrometers, enabled the determination of the relationship of small changes in wood density and the effect of the climatic variations and growth rate of eucalyptus tree trunks. A high sensitivity of the wood density to variation in precipitation levels was found.

Mots-clés : eucalyptus; eucalyptus grandis; eucalyptus globulus; eucalyptus nitens; plantation forestière; production forestière; facteur climatique; changement climatique; diamètre à hauteur de poitrine; croissance; densité; propriété technologique; cerne; anatomie du bois; pluviométrie; densitométrie; température; humidité; brésil; densité du bois

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