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Mission report to Mozambique April 26 to May 3, 2016. Technical support to the Mozambican cotton sector for the production of quality seeds

Dessauw D.. 2016. Saint-Pierre : CIRAD-BIOS-UMR PVBMT, 40 p..

This fifth session of training allowed to practice observation of plants in multiplication plots before harvest to note the presence of off-type or infested plants by disease, the presence of weeds or plants of other crops, isolation between varieties. Multiplication plots and facilities of Mozaco Company were visited. Drafting the first version of the guideline for the production of quality cotton seed was finalized. The next training session is scheduled in November 2016. The IAM completely take over the funding of missions since GIZ's engagement ended with the sixth mission. As for other missions, special support was given to Plexus Company for the third year of CA 324 purification work. The nearest rows of the initial variety provided during the Lomaco-AFD project will be selected after obtaining the results of harvest, ginning and fiber analysis, and then seeds mixed to form the new variety CA 324 (bulk). In the next cropping season, the bulk will be multiplied and tested in multi-location trials.

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