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Health and socio-ecosystems: a pillar of the research platform "production and conservation in partnership" (RP-PCP)

Caron A., Mwenje E., Bourgarel M., Cornélis D., Guerrini L., Kativu S., Fritz H., Matope G., Mukamuri B.B., Mundy P.J., Mugabe P., De Garine-Wichatitsky M.. 2016. In : One Health EcoHealth 2016 Congress abstracts. Melbourne : OHEH, 1 p.. International One Health Congress. 4, 2016-12-03/2016-12-07, Melbourne (Australie).

The health of animals and people is a public good, which determines the amount of food, the labour force and well-being of the poorest rural communities. In socio-ecosystems where people coexist with pristine nature, development and conservation objectives need to be concurrently achieved. Health issues at the wildlife/livestock/human interface need to be addressed to mitigate the negative outcomes of these interactions. In parallel, the multisectorial dimension of the health issue can be used to trigger more interaction among stakeholders in these socio-ecosystems. Here, we present the Research Platform "Production and Conservation in Partnership", a collaboration between Zimbabwean and French Research institutions launched in 2007, implementing applied research to promote the coexistence between people and nature in Transfrontier Conservation Areas of southern Africa. The platform is currently expending regionally. The "health & environment" issue is one of the pillars of the platform. We present the community demand-driven, bottom-up applied research agenda that the platform is developing through a local and regional post-graduate training programme. After 10 years of existence, the platform has supported close to 100 postgraduate projects with extensive fieldwork in interface areas and has maintained its objective of scientific excellence through a strong publication policy supported by all partners. (Texte intégral)

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