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Colour and oxidative stability of mince produced from fresh and frozen/thawed fallow deer (Dama dama) meat

Chakanya C., Arnaud E., Muchenje V., Hoffman L.C.. 2017. Meat Science, 126 : p. 63-72.

DOI: 10.1016/j.meatsci.2016.12.008

Colour and oxidative stability of minced meat from fresh and frozen/thawed fallow deer was investigated. For the seven fallow deer harvested, half of the meat was minced fresh and half was frozen (- 20 °C) for 2 months under vacuum prior to grinding. Surface colour attributes, myoglobin content and surface redox forms, pH and lipid oxidation of the mince were measured during eight days of display storage. Proximate composition was determined in mince on day 0, fatty acid composition on day 0 and 8. Freezing had no effect on the proximate composition or fatty acid composition of the mince. Frozen meat mince had lower (P = 0.05) total myoglobin content but higher (P = 0.05) decrease in redness (a*) during display storage, higher (P = 0.05) accumulation of metmyoglobin at the surface from day 2 and higher (P = 0.05) TBARS values. Results showed shorter colour and oxidative stability for frozen meat mince as compared to mince from fresh meat. Display storage however did not affect fatty acid composition.

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