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Relationships between anatomical and vibrational properties of wavy sycamore maple

Alkadri A., Carlier C., Wahyudi I., Gril J., Langbour P., Brémaud I.. 2018. IAWA Journal, 39 (1) : p. 63-86.

Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) is a wood species particularly known for its wavy grain figure and its high-value utilization among luthiers and craftsmen for making musical instruments or furniture. In this study, the anatomical and physical-acoustical characteristics of its wood, taken from different trees with various surface figures, were characterized. Vibrational mechanical measurements were conducted taking into account radial and longitudinal directions and local variations. Waviness parameters were quantified on split blocks, and anatomical properties such as microfibril angle and ray dimensions were measured using light microscopy. Results provide a complete dataset on the properties of sycamore maple along a gradient of the wavy figure. Through statistical analysis, significant correlations were found between the measured parameters, particularly between the waviness and microfibril angle, and between the anatomical features and the specific modulus of elasticity and damping by internal friction of the wood in the longitudinal direction. Anisotropy was found to be very low but was not satisfactorily explained by the studied anatomical features. Prospects for future studies on the wavy figure are discussed. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : retrait; Élasticité; son (acoustique); vibration; propriété technologique; propriété physicochimique; propriété acoustique; anatomie du bois; bois; acer pseudoplatanus; module d'élasticité; anisotropie

Thématique : Technologie des produits forestiers; Méthodes de recherche

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