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Managing degraded forests, a new priority in the Brazilian Amazon

Blanc L., Ferreira J., Piketty M.G., Bourgoin C., Gond V., Hérault B., Kanashiro M., Laurent F., Piraux M., Rutishauser E., Sist P.. 2017. Perspective (40) : p. 1-4.

In the Brazilian Amazon, degraded forests dominate the landscapes on the agricultural frontiers. This region is now facing a major challenge: halting degradation and sustainably managing these forests. Today, degraded forests represent a class of forest in their own right. They can nevertheless play a key role in combating climate change, and can also help to improve the ecological functioning of the different territories. Implementing public policies with the twin objectives of reducing degradation and promoting these forests implies strong support from research. In this Perspective, we focus on four research priorities: developing methods to characterise and monitor degraded forests; drafting specific forest management plans; understanding the role played by all social actors; and supporting policies at the territorial level.

Mots-clés : développement durable; changement climatique; protection de la forêt; planification; politique forestière; politique régionale; aménagement forestier; déboisement; dégât; forêt; forêt exploitée; brésil; amazonie; politique publique

Thématique : Foresterie - Considérations générales; Dégâts causés aux forêts et leur protection; Conservation de la nature et ressources foncières

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