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Industrial investments in agriculture in Central Africa. Establishing the conditions for sustainability and equity

In Central Africa, industrial investments in agriculture have been increasing for the last ten years, constituting one of the many drivers of deforestation. If these investments are to contribute to socioeconomic development without harming the environment,they need to be more effectively monitored.Analysing successes and failures in four Central African countries helps to identify ways to increase the chances of success for projects: carrying out independent impact assessments before projects are launched; obtaining the free, prior and informed consent of the communities concerned; and encouraging companies to meet certification criteria. The host governments should be able to take advantage of actions by people- and environment-friendly companies in order to create a virtuous circle, and should build agro-industrial projects around national land use plans.

Mots-clés : république démocratique du congo; cameroun; afrique centrale

Thématique : Agriculture - Considérations générales; Investissements, financement et crédit; Dégâts causés aux forêts et leur protection

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