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AquaStress. D5.3-5 et D5.4-5 Unified delivrable. Overview on Implemented Virtual and Real Tests - Contribution to Final Test & Evaluation Report (M44)

Dionnet M., Jamin J.Y., Fusillier J.L., Von Korff Y.. 2008. Montpellier : CIRAD, 37 p..

This deliverable outlines the different virtual and real tests which have been carried out during the AquaStress project. It first classifies the different types of water stress mitigation options that have been tested, gives some idea of their purpose, and stresses the types of water uses on which they focus. It shows next the way these options have been tested, in terms of field implementation, stakeholder involvement, as well as risk of test damage. It finally gives an idea of which evaluation criteria were used to evaluate mitigation options' relevance in the different test sites. This report relies on a questionnaire that has been filled in by the respective project partners who were responsible for option testing and evaluation.

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