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Socio-economic differentiation and shea globalization in western Burkina Faso: Integrating gender politics and agrarian change

Rousseau K., Gautier D., Wardell A.. 2017. Journal of Peasant Studies : 20 p..

In this paper, we examine the way a local manifestation of the globalization process, the boom in the shea trade in western Burkina Faso, has fueled socio-economic differentiation in shea activity as part of a wider differentiation process. We refer to the gender politics and agrarian change literatures to inform both within- and across-household mechanisms of differentiation. We analyze both the mechanisms of change and the resulting inequalities. Our results reveal the interplay between multiple drivers of change, and nuance the analysis of the winners and losers of globalization of shea activity.

Mots-clés : structure agraire; genre (femmes/hommes); changement social; commerce des produits forestiers; mondialisation; produit forestier non ligneux; vitellaria paradoxa; burkina faso

Thématique : Commerce, commercialisation et distribution; Population rurale; Production forestière

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