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A doubly invisible aquifer: Hydrogeological studies and actors? strategies in the pampa del Tamarugal aquifer, northern Chile

Lictevout E., Faysse N.. 2018. Water Alternatives, 11 (3) : p. 592-606.

In northern Chile groundwater resources are used intensively for mining activities, drinking water and agriculture. This article analyses the groundwater management in the Pampa del Tamarugal Aquifer , paying special attention to the links between (a) how information relating to groundwater resources and its uses is applied to management and (b) actors ' strategies and discourses on groundwater management. The analysis focuses on two moments: the decision to stop issuing new water rights and the short - lived experience of a regional water resources research centre. Actors never actually discussed an appropriate groundwater pumping rate and some used groundwater resources as a means of pursuing strategies that were not related to water management per se. Many called for a participatory process to allocate water for different uses, although this would entail changes to Chilean legislation. Such a process would help the Pampa del Tamarugal Aquifer become more 'visible' and could trigger genuine discussion about the status and use of groundwater resources.

Mots-clés : chili

Thématique : Ressources en eau et leur gestion; Législation

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