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Environmental, social and economic analysis of Burkina-Faso's mango value chain

Biard Y., Parrot L., Klaver D., Kabré E., Vannière H.. 2018. In : Rattanawan Mungkung (ed.), Shabbir H. Gheewala (ed.). Book of abstracts of the 11th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food 2018 (LCA Food) "Global food challenges towards sustainable consumption and production". Bangkok : Life Cycle Assessment, p. 148-148. International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food 2018 (LCA Food). 11, 2018-10-16/2018-10-20, Bangkok (Thaïlande).

The purpose of this study is to complement a LCA with two other components of sustainable development, i.e., with an economic and social analysis. Such an approach provides the ground for an integrated analysis of a value chain, and helps to highlight tradeoffs between the environmental, economic and social impacts of a value chain. We illustrate this approach with the mango sub- sectors in Burkina Faso. Five major systems have been distinguished according to final product and destination market: fresh mango exported to the EU by boat or plane ( partly certified organic), fresh mango exported to continental Africa by truck, dried mango for the EU market and fresh mango consumed locally in Burkina Faso. The certified export of mango (fresh and dried) is being displayed as a success story of a landlocked country that ranks the bottom 10 poorest countries in the world. Economic operators however face many challenges, most often to be solved through public action: difficulties in transport, multiple power and water cuts (and consequently equipment failures, deterioration of the processing and packaging quality of fruits, losses) , difficulties in cross- border trade ( slow administration, illegal costs, etc.) , poor land zoning in urban areas where processing units are installed ( proximity to houses, fire risk, etc.) , and in rural areas where orchards are located.

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