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Veterinary aspects

Desquesnes M.. 2017. In : Telleria, Jenny (ed.), Tibayrenc, Michel (ed.). American trypanosomiasis chagas disease: One hundred years of research. Cambridge : Academic Press, p. 283-298.

Trypanosoma cruzi is a human parasite found in 200 wild and domestic animal species; some of them may be affected, some may act as reservoirs or contribute in various ways to the epidemiology of the disease. Transmission, clinical manifestation, and prevalence of T. cruzi in livestock are poorly described due to low sensitive and specific diagnosis methods. However its presence in livestock, peridomestic, or wild species was demonstrated. Peroral contamination seems dominant, involving vectors as passive intermediary hosts or as source of ¿food-borne disease.¿ Indeed, even in humans, recent outbreaks occurred by peroral contamination (fruit juice) in several Latin American countries. Increasing presence of T. cruzi in southern United States, in wildlife, dogs, and triatomines, but also including a recent case in a Texan horse, is a real threat for animals and humans, which might turn to an emerging disease if a vicariant vector is found toward the North.

Thématique : Maladies des animaux; Contamination et toxicologie alimentaires; Autres thèmes

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