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Physicochemical and mechanical properties of biomass coal briquettes produced by artisanal method

Himbane P.B., Grand Ndiaye L., Napoli A., Kobor D.. 2018. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 12 (12) : p. 480-486.

DOI: 10.5897/AJEST2018.2568

In this study, carbonized peanut shells, cashew shells and millet stalks were used as raw materials to produce coal briquettes. Clay and arabic gum were applied as binders during briquetting by use of manual press. Physicochemical and mechanical tests of the obtained briquettes were conducted. The results show that the lower heating values of coal briquettes remain higher to that of wood; however, their ash contents are very high compared to wood. Combustion of coal briquettes samples show also that coal briquettes of peanut shells, cashew shells, and millet stalks ignite respectively at 312, 202.5 and 150.5°C. Bulk densities of these briquettes are respectively 543, 765 and 579 kg/m3. Briquette made with arabic gum presents mechanical compressive strength above 1 MPa.

Mots-clés : bioénergie; déchet agricole; briquette; combustion; propriété physicochimique; propriété mécanique; gomme arabique; coque; produit forestier non ligneux

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