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Improvement of modified wood properties with addition of chestnut tannins in lactic acid-based treatments

Grosse C., Noël M., Thévenon M.F., Gerardin P.. 2019. Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology, 39 (2) : p. 124-135.

DOI: 10.1080/02773813.2018.1513035

Wood modification treatments based on lactic acid oligomers (OLA) and monomers (LA) enhance beech dimensional stability (up to 70%) and biological resistance (less than 3% weight loss according to EN113). Chestnut wood tannins natural biological activity might improve the modified wood durability with milder curing conditions. Treatment consisted of the impregnation of monomers or oligomers mixtures followed by curing (140¿°C/160¿°C for 48h). Tannins addition is almost inconsequential with oligomeric-based treatment but improved the monomeric-based treatment. In this case, modified wood biological resistance and product persistence were increased. OLA impregnated wood cured at 160¿°C was always the best performing treatment regarding dimensional stability and durability, but the addition of tannins in LA systems conferred promising properties to wood allowing simplification of the modification process.

Mots-clés : propriété du bois; technologie du bois; fagus sylvatica; castanea sativa; substance tannante; acide lactique; tannin

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