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HVA22 from citrus: A small gene family whose some members are involved in plant response to abiotic stress

Gomes Ferreira M.D., Araújo Castro J., Santana Silva R.J., Micheli F.. 2019. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 142 : p. 395-404.

DOI: 10.1016/j.plaphy.2019.08.003

The HVA22 gene has been isolated for the first time from the aleurone layer of barley (Hordeum vulgare). Here, we characterized the HVA22 family from citrus (C. clementina and C. sinensis). Twelve genes, 6 in each species, were identified as well as duplication events for some of them. The ORF size ranged from 235 to 804 bp and the protein molecular weight from 94 to 267¿kDa. All the citrus HVA22 protein presented transmembrane location and conserved TB2/DP1/HVA22 region. Phylogenetic and gene expression analyses suggested that some citrus HVA22 play a role in flower and fruit development, and that gene expression may be regulated by hormone or environmental conditions. Other regulation levels were also predicted, such as alternative splicing and post-translational modifications. The overall data indicated that citrus HVA22 may be involved in vesicular traffic in stressed cells, and that CcHVA22d could be involved in dehydration tolerance.

Mots-clés : stress abiotique; citrus sinensis; gène; modèle mathématique; bioinformatique; phylogénie; expression des gènes; arabidopsis thaliana; résistance à la sécheresse; citrus clementina

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