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Low tapping frequency to increase productivity in Thailand

Chantuma P., Lacote R., Gohet E.. 2019. Nay Pyi Taw : IRRDB, 25 p.. International Rubber Conference 2019, IRRDB, 2019-09-30/2019-10-01, Nay Pyi Taw (Myanmar).

The purpose of this study was to assess tapping systems to decrease tapping frequency with stimulation in order to increase yield per day and tapper productivity. This experiment was set up in Chachoengsao Rubber Research Center since 2016. Experimental design was a Split plot comprising 4 replications. 3 main treatments are clones (RRIT 251, RRIM 600 and PB 235) and 4 sub-treatments are tapping systems ( S/2 d2, S/3 d1 2d3, S/2 d3 ET2.5% without recovery of lost tapping days and S/2 d3 ET2.5% with recovery of lost tapping days). Three years of tapping showed that RRIT 251 and PB 235 increased yield by 62% and 27% in comparison with RRIM 600. Regarding sub-treatments, S/2 d3 ET2.5% and S/2 d3 ET2.5%with recovery of lost tapping days could increase productivity per day (g/t/t) by 18-23%. Yield in term of kilogram per tree per year was not significantly different among tapping systems. Tapping days in d3 were only 71-81 days per year and less than for d2 and d1 2d3 with 107 and 138 tapping days per year respectively.

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