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Coupled effect of torrefaction and densification pre-treatment on biomass energetic and physical properties

Keeratiisariyakul P., Rousset P., Pattiya A.. 2019. International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment, 10 : 10 p..

Leucaena (Leucaena leucocepphala) and oil palm empty fruit bunch, EFB (Elaeis guineesis) were selected as a woody and non-woody biomass samples, respectively in order to produce torrefied biomass pellets. In this study, torrefaction was performed at 300°C, three minute-residence time before pelletization. Then, the pellets have been characterized energetically and physically including volumetric energy density, and hygroscopic behavior. The results showed the torrefaction insignificantly enhanced high heating value of Leucaena from 19.3 MJ/kg to 19.5 MJ/kg and 18.3 MJ/kg to 19.1 MJ/kg for EFB. Moreover, torrefaction also improved the water resistance ability. While, the densification enhanced bulk density of biomass from 500 kg/m3 to 527 kg/m3 and 553 kg/m3 to 574 kg/m3 for Leucaena and EFB, respectively. The volumetric energy density was logically increased for both Leucaena and EFB biomass.

Mots-clés : leucaena leucocephala; elaeis guineensis; torréfaction; propriété physicochimique; calorimétrie; biomasse; densification du bois

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