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Support programmes and the diversity of young farmers in Thailand: A good match?

Phiboon K., Cochetel C., Faysse N.. 2019. Outlook on Agriculture, 48 (4) : p. 300-308.

DOI: 10.1177/0030727019880559

Many countries have programmes to help young people start farming. However, some of the programmes have been criticized for not providing enough support, particularly because they do not adequately account for the diverse profiles of young farmers. The present study analyses the profiles of young farmers in Thailand and to what extent they benefit from support programmes. Eighty-four farmers under the age of 40 were interviewed in Chiang Mai and Prachinburi Provinces, along with 15 staff members of support programmes for young farmers. Five types of young farmers were identified, who differed in their motivation, farming systems and engagement in farming. Some farmers focused on economic profitability, while others considered environmentally sustainable farming practices to be important or were actively engaged in other activities at domestic or village level. This wide range of goals and situations entailed varying constraints during the first years of farming. The support programmes helped farmers overcome their lack of farming knowledge and helped them integrate into rural communities, but the support they provided in accessing land and capital was sometimes limited, and often non-existent. To improve support for young farmers in Thailand, the diversity of young farmers' profiles should be accounted for not only in capacity-building activities but also to help them access other types of resources.

Mots-clés : jeunesse rurale; agriculteur; accès à la terre; diversification; système de culture; incitation; communauté rurale; thaïlande

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