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Integrating climate change adaptation and mitigation objectives in British Columbia's forests

Peterson St Laurent G., Hoberg G., Locatelli B., Hagerman S.. 2019. Pesquisa Florestal Brasileira, 39 : p. 20-20. IUFRO World Congress 2019 "Forest Research and Cooperation for Sustainable Development". 25, 2019-09-29/2019-10-05, Curitiba (Brésil).

Climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives have usually been treated separately in policies and interventions addressing climate change in the forests. However, increasing efforts have been directed towards the joint consideration of adaptation and mitigation objectives during the design of forest management interventions and policy. Not only are both climate objectives often compatible, but they also sometimes display synergies so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their effects if implemented separately. Despite this potential, very few integrative initiatives have been attempted in practice. We use the case of the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) to better understand the relationship between climate change adaptation and mitigation policy in the forests. Drawing on the review of existing forest management policy and a survey and semi-structured interviews with BC government officials, we address two major research objectives: (1) To what extent do current climate and non-climate BC forest management policies effectively integrate adaptation and mitigation objectives? (2) What challenges and opportunities are associated with the joint consideration of both objectives when developing forest management interventions and policy? Our results highlight the potential positive and/or negative ecological (e g., ecosystem resilience. biodiversity). economic (e.g., cost or profitability) and social (e.g., effect on livelihood) outcomes of considering both adaptation and mitigation objectives together during the design of forest management interventions. We also provide policy insights into when and how to consider mitigation and adaptation together and to successfully mainstream both objectives into climate and non-climate forest management policies.

Mots-clés : aménagement forestier; changement climatique; adaptation aux changements climatiques; résilience des forêts; biodiversité forestière; productivité; revenu forestier; brésil; colombie britannique

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