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How electrical engine power load and feedstock moisture content affect the performance of a fixed bed gasification genset

Huchon V., Pinta F., Commandre J.M., Van De Steene L.. 2020. Energy, 197 : 10 p..

DOI: 10.1016/

Performance of wood gasification genset is sensitive to the moisture content in the feedstock and the electrical load (demand of users). This study investigates the influence of these process parameters on the electrical efficiency of the genset (¿global), the electrical engine efficiency (¿engine), the cold gas efficiency (CGE), and the syngas composition. Experimental tests were carried out by varying the moisture content from 11% to 23% and the electrical power from 4.7 kW to 12.8 kW on a commercial gasifier equipped with precise measuring tools. The increase of the performance when the electrical load is increased or when the moisture content in the wood chips is decreased is both quantified and discussed. Such behaviour was mainly explained by differences in engine filling rates and reactor temperatures.

Mots-clés : gazéification; biomasse; teneur en eau; matière première; gazéification du bois

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