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A fuzzy logic based soil chemical quality index for cacao

Mora-Herrera D.Y., Guillaume S., Snoeck D., Zúñiga Escobar O.. 2020. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 177 : 9 p..

A soil chemical quality index is designed for cacao production systems. It is based on worldwide scientific knowledge and built using data from three municipalities of Tolima department in Colombia. Fuzzy logic is used in a multicriteria decision making framework in two different ways. First, fuzzy sets are used to model an expert preference relation for each of the individual information sources to turn raw data into satisfaction degrees. Second, fuzzy rules are used to model the interaction between sources to aggregate the individual degrees into a global score. The whole framework is implemented as an open source software called GeoFIS. A part of the data was used for calibration, then the remaining data served as a validation set. The results were easy to analyze and in agreement with field observations. The output inferred by the fuzzy inference system was used as a target to learn the weights of classical numerical aggregation operators. Only the Choquet Integral proved to have a similar modeling ability, but its optimal tuning would have been difficult without learning.

Mots-clés : analyse de sol; propriété physicochimique du sol; chimie du sol; système d'aide à la décision; modélisation des cultures; theobroma cacao; colombie; qualité du sol

Thématique : Chimie et physique du sol; Classification des sols et pédogénèse

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