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Implementation Manual: CCAFS Climate-Smart Monitoring Framework: Tackling uptake of CSA options and perceived outcomes at household and farm level

Bonilla-Findji O., Eitzinger A., Andrieu N.. 2021. Wageningen : CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security, 35 p..

As part of the Learning Platform (LP2) Participatory evaluation of Climate-Smart Agricultural (CSA) practices and technologies across the AR4D Climate-Smart Villages (CSVs) network, CCAFS Flagship 2 designed a new Integrated Climate-Smart Monitoring Framework to supports a global, systemic and standardized effort to build context-specific evidence on uptake of CSA options and the associated (perceived) outcomes at household and farm level. The CSA Multilevel Framework provides standard metrics made of a set of Core (uptake and outcome) Indicators as well as Extended indicators (covering the enabling environment) designed to address the following research questions: 1) Who within each CSV community adopts which CSA technologies and practices (typology of adopting farmers) and which are their motivations or constraining factors? To which extent farmers access and use climate information services? 2) Which are the gender-disaggregated perceived effects of CSA options on farmers' livelihood (agricultural production, income, food security, food diversity and adaptive capacity) and on key gender dimensions (participation in decision making, participation in CSA implementation and dis-adoption, control and access over resources and labor) 3) Which are the CSA performance, synergies and trade-offs found at farm level? (farm model analysis). This manual aims to support future implementation of the CSA Monitoring framework in the field. It reflects all the learnings that came from its piloting and rollout phase (2018-2020) across 10 countries worldwide.

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