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The use of EPPO codes in tropical weed science

Le Bourgeois T., Marnotte P., Schwartz M.. 2021. Paris : EOPP, 1 p.. EPPO Codes Users Meeting. 5, 2021-06-22/2021-06-22, Paris (France).

The EPPO code used for plants is a five-letter code more or less based on the species name. It is short, simple, unambiguous and does not change even when botanical nomenclature evolves. In tropical weed research work, EPPO codes are used in several ways: For weed community studies, EPPO codes are used for species records in the field, for data storage, aggregation and management, and for statistical analysis, mainly for tables and graphs to facilitate understanding of the results. For botanical specimens stored in the reference herbarium, the EPPO code is mentioned on the label, while for botanical photos it is associated with the date and time as combe-20210312-983421.jpg to name the photo file and facilitate its storage without risk of duplication. Finally, all species pages of the Wiktrop collaborative portal (, which is dedicated to tropical and Mediterranean weed species, have a "Brief" chapter mentioning the EPPO code of the species, which facilitates the search for a species by this code. This EPPO code is very useful for our scientific work.

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