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Tackling new challenges for European Sorghum through genetics and new breeding strategies. Optimizing genetic value prediction using molecular markers

Pot D., Rami J.F., Trouche G.. 2016. Bucarest : s.n., 1 p.. European Sorghum Congress : The Real Potential of Sorghum in Europe. 1, 2016-11-03/2016-11-04, Bucarest (Roumanie).

The interest of European countries for sorghum is growing to support food, feed and biomass value chains. Adaptation of sorghum varieties to the expectations of the growers and of the processors is required to optimize the benefits of this species. In this presentation, the tools available to optimize breeding will be presented. Examples from on-going project will be provided and propositions to maximize breeding efficiency in sorghum will be presented.

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