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A well-established fact: Rapid mineralization of organic inputs is an important factor for soil carbon sequestration

Angers D., Arrouays D., Cardinael R., Chenu C., Corbeels M., Demenois J., Farrell M., Martin M., Minasny B., Recous S., Six J.. 2022. European Journal of Soil Science, 73 (3) : 5 p..

DOI: 10.1111/ejss.13242

We have read with interest an opinion paper recently published in the European Journal of Soil Science (Berthelin et al., 2022). This paper presents some interesting considerations, at least one of which is already well known to soil scientists working on soil organic carbon (SOC), that is, a large portion (80%¿90%) of fresh carbon inputs to soil is subject to rapid mineralization. The short-term mineralization kinetics of organic inputs is well-known and accounted for in soil organic matter models. Thus, clearly, the long-term predictions based on these models do not overlook short-term mineralization. We point out that many agronomic practices can significantly contribute to SOC sequestration. If conducted responsibly whilst fully recognising the caveats, SOC sequestration can lead to a win-win situation where agriculture can both contribute to the mitigation of climate change and adapt to it, whilst at the same time delivering other co-benefits such as reduced soil erosion and enhanced biodiversity.

Mots-clés : séquestration du carbone; carbone organique du sol; minéralisation; minéralisation du carbone; sciences du sol; atténuation des effets du changement climatique

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