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Combined chicken fat dry fractionation and texturization to improve poultry meat products processing

Arnaud E., Vion A., Collignan A.. 2006. In : Food is life, 13th World Congress of Food Science and Technology, 17-21 September 2006, Nantes. s.l. : s.n., 2 p.. World Congress of Food Science and Technology. 13, 2006-09-17/2006-09-21, Nantes (France).

This paper presents chicken fat gelation process based on a calcium-induced gelation of an emulsion composed of sodium alginate, water, and chicken fat. Effects of formulation parameter and and a previous dry fractionation operation on the gel texture and colour are discussed. Results show that both parameters had a significant effect on gel properties, with a predominant effect of alginate on texture and fat unsaturation on colour properties. The texturized fat can be used in the manufacturing of delicatessens products in order to improve pure poultry delicatessen products. The two variables studied must be optimized in relation to product specifications. (Résumé d'auteur)

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