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Influencia varietal del plátano en los procesos de deshidratación osmótica y fritura

Diaz A., Torres A.M., Alvarez E., Fernandez A., Dufour D.. 2008. In : by J.S. Borja ; C. Nogales ; C. Orrantia ; R. Paladines ; V. Quimi and L. Tazan (eds.). Memories of XVIII ACORBAT meeting, 10-14 November 2008, Guayaquil, Ecador. s.l. : s.n., 8 p.. International Meeting ACORBAT 2008. 18, 2008-11-10/2008-11-14, Guayaquil (Equateur).

Three varieties of bananas plantain (Hartón, Cachaco and Maqueño) were investigated. The physical characterisation was done of the three proximal hands of bunches. The weight, length, diameter, pulp density, peel percentage (w/w) and dry matter of the pulps (% wb) were measured. A vegetal oil mixture (palm olein, soy and cotton) was used for the frying process. The 4.7 L domestic fryer (Kenwood Pro 51) was temperature controlled. Sections of unripe plantains (1.5 mm thickness) were deep-fried at 165°C during 15, 30, 45, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 s, using a sample to oil mass ratio of 1:80. From the chips of plantains, the moisture content was determined by gravimetric method, colour was measured by chromatic L*a*b* coordinates, whereas oil content was estimated by Soxhlet extraction at most frying times. The maximum rupture force was evaluated at a frying time of 80 s. From the physical characterisation, the Hartón variety was shown the most suitable in regards to its heavy fingers and small peel percentage to guaranty a significant edible yield. The three proximal clusters of plantain fruits were mainly homogenous in weight, size, specific gravity and dry matter content. It is confirmed that the initial water content does not affect the final moisture content but the oil content of the plantain fried chips. The greater the dry matter and the density in pulp are, the lesser the oil uptake is into the plantain chips. The Maqueño variety (AAB) behaved similarly to Hartón clone (AAB). For all control variables, the Cachaco cultivar (ABB) had a completely different behaviour (chips of plantain yellowness, massive oil uptake and limited hardness).

Mots-clés : musa (plantains); colombie

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