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Analysis of the clone PB 260 transcriptome and evaluation of the number of genes in Hevea brasiliensis

Montoro P., Argout X., Sarah G., Kuswanhadi, Chaidamsari T., Rio M., Leclercq J., Ruiz M.. 2010. In : Chen Qiubo (ed.). Climate change, low carbon economy and sustainable natural rubber industry : IRRDB International Rubber Conference, Sanya, China, 18-19 October 2010. Pékin : China agriculture press, p. 375-377. IRRDB International Rubber Conference, 2010-10-18/2010-10-19, Sanya (Chine).

Transcript sequences were produced for the Hevea brasiliensis clone PB 260 by the pyrosequencing technique. Total mRNAs were isolated from different tissues col!ected from plants at different stages of development and having undergone different treatments in order to have the most complete representation of the expressed genome. A pipeline of bioinformatics analyses was developed to assemble the reads produced by the GS-FLX 454 (Roche Applied Science) in contigs. This database of transcript sequences for clone PB 260 is a source ofinformationfor molecular biologists and geneticists. The number of genes expressed in Hevea brasiliensis was also evaluated.

Mots-clés : hevea brasiliensis; clone

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