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Impact of fermentation on nitrogenous compounds of cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao L.) from various origins

Hue C., Günata Z., Breysse A., Davrieux F., Boulanger R., Sauvage F.X.. 2016. Food Chemistry, 192 : p. 958-964.

Tangential filtration technique was used to separate and quantify three different fractions of nitrogenous compounds depending on their molecular size, during cocoa fermentation. On every phenotype and origin analyzed, protein profile of non-fermented samples was similar. During fermentation course, proteins get degraded with a concomitant increase in amino acids content. Peptides between 3 and 10 kDa were observed at low levels. A strong correlation between amino acids and ammonia nitrogen, a fermentation marker was found. Attention was drawn on each fraction, and enabled to point out other phenomenon occurring during fermentation. The migration of some nitrogenous compounds towards the bean shell during fermentation was demonstrated. Acetone treatment of cocoa powder prior to SDS¿PAGE led to losses of nitrogenous compounds. This result gives clues on the tanning phenomenon carried out by polyphenols on nitrogenous compounds, phenomenon which increases during fermentation. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : teneur en azote; acide aminé libre; composé organoazoté; microfiltration; composition chimique; protéolyse; fermentation; fève de cacao; trinité-et-tobago; république dominicaine; indonésie; ghana; cameroun; madagascar; Équateur

Thématique : Composition des produits alimentaires; Traitement et conservation des produits alimentaires

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