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Composition comprising cashew apple extract

Chapal N., Reynes M., Beejmohun V., Dornier M.. 2011. Munich : Office Européen des Brevets, 33 p.. numero_brevet: US2014/0100177 A1; numero_depot_brevet: 14/124,208; numero_depot_europe_brevet: 11305699.8; numero_depot_inter_brevet: PCT/EP2012/060822; numero_europe_brevet: EP11305699 A1; numero_inter_brevet: WO 2012/168381 A1. , (Chine).

The invention concerns a cashew apple extract and a composition comprising a cashew apple extract and optionally a carrier, in particular for use for allowing reduction of body weight gain or limitation of increasing body weight, reduction or limitation of fat storage, of fatty liver, of liver triglycerides level, of hypertriglyceridemia, of glycemia level, of insulinemia, of insulin resistance, and/or of one or several factors of metabolic syndrome.

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