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VersionClimber: Version Upgrades Without Tears

Pradal C., Cohen-Boulakia S., Valduriez P., Shasha D., Hinsen K.. 2019. Computing in Science and Engineering, 21 (5) : p. 87-93.

DOI: 10.1109/MCSE.2019.2921898

VersionClimber is an automated system to help update the package and data infrastructure of a software application based on priorities that the user has indicated (e.g., I care more about having a recent version of this package than that one). The system does a systematic and heuristically efficient exploration (using bounded upward compatibility) of a version search space in a sandbox environment (Virtual Env or conda env), finally delivering a lexicographically maximum configuration based on the user-specified priority order. It works for Linux and Mac OS on the cloud.

Mots-clés : informatique; logiciel

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