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Effect of pyrolysis temperature on ochratoxin A adsorption mechanisms and kinetics by cashew nut shell biochars

Ahmadou A., Brun N., Napoli A., Durand N., Montet D.. 2019. SRDP Journal of Food Science and Technology, 4 (7) : p. 877-888.

DOI: 10.25177/JFST.4.7.RA.565

Biochars were produced from cashew nut shell at 400, 600 and 800°C. Production temperature significantly affected biochar properties and consequently the adsorption mechanisms of ochratoxin A. Biochars produced at higher temperatures had significantly higher specific surface areas, resulting in higher OTA adsorption ca-pacities. The isotherms and kinetics of the adsorption were used to identify the adsorption mechanisms. For the kinetics study, experiments were carried out after adjustment of the parameters influencing the system, such as pH, biochar quantity and OTA initial concentration. Experimental results were modelled according to isotherm equations representing Langmuir model and Freundlich model. Langmuir model matched best with the experi-mental data. The chemical surface reaction was fitted to a pseudo-second order equation, with very high re-gression coefficients.

Mots-clés : noix de cajou; pyrolyse; ochratoxine; vitesse; coque de noix de cajou; cinétique

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