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Promising new technologies for classifying aromatic rices

Gay F., Mestres C., Cao Van Phung, Nguyen Thi Lang, Do Khac Thinh, Laguerre M., Boulanger R., Davrieux F.. 2004. Omonrice, 12 : p. 157-161.

Semi-quantitative methods based on Solid Phase Micro Extraction/Mass Spectroscopy (SPME/MS) and Near Infrared Spectrometry (NIRS) were used to evaluate the aroma of the grain of 53 samples including 48 samples of aromatic rices (Nang Thom Cho Dao and OM3536) collected in Viet Nam and 5 samples of non-aromatic rices from France. Results show that both methods allow to distinguish aromatic varieties from non aromatic ones. Furthermore, analysis with SPME/MS allows as well to discriminate the 2 aromatic varieties used in this work. Further works are needed to improve the methods.

Mots-clés : riz; grain; technique analytique; spectrométrie de masse; spectroscopie infrarouge; composé volatil; précurseur d'arôme

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