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Determination of fruit origin by using 26S rDNA fingerprinting of yeast communities by PCR-DGGE: Preliminary application to Physalis fruits from Egypt

El Sheikha A., Condur A., Metayer I., Le Nguyen D.D., Loiseau G., Montet D.. 2009. Yeast, 26 (10) : p. 567-573.

DOI: 10.1002/yea.1707

The determination of geographical origin is a demand of the traceability system of import-export food products. One hypothesis for tracing the source of a product is by global analysis of the microbial communities of the food and statistical linkage of this analysis to the geographical origin of the food. For this purpose, a molecular technique employing 26S rDNA profiles generated by PCR-DGGE was used to detect the variation in yeast community structures of three species of Physalis fruit (Physalis ixocarpa Brat, Physalis pubescens L, Physalis pruinosa L) from four Egyptian regions (Qalyoubia, Minufiya, Beheira and Alexandria Governments). When the 26S rDNA profiles were analysed by multivariate analysis, distinct microbial communities were detected. The band profiles of Physalis yeasts from different Governments were specific for each location and could be used as a bar code to discriminate the origin of the fruits. This method is a new traceability tool which provides fruit products with a unique biological bar code and makes it possible to trace back the fruits to their original location.

Mots-clés : physalis; pcr; Électrophorèse; empreinte adn; provenance; Égypte

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