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Monitoring anthocyanin degradation in Hibiscus sabdariffa extracts with multi-curve resolution on spectral measurement during storage

Achir N., Sinela A.M., Mertz C., Fulcrand H., Dornier M.. 2019. Food Chemistry, 271 : p. 536-542.

This study aims to monitor composition changes in an anthocyanin-rich beverage during storage by the means of UV¿VIS measurements associated with a multi-curve resolution procedure. Hibiscus sabdariffa extract was stored at 37?°C for 50?days and UV¿VIS spectra were measured on the extract and the fractions of the extract every 5?days. MCR was carried out in two steps, first with the fraction and then the extract spectra. The results enabled the main polyphenols initially present to be identified, anthocyanins and chlorogenic acid, but also found the nature of the main degradation products: the polymers from anthocyanin condensation and scission products. In addition, comparison with HPLC analysis results showed that the MCR procedure recovered the correct shapes of the concentration profiles particularly of anthocyanin and polymer kinetics during storage. This work gives perspective for the use of a rapid and efficient technique to monitor pigment-rich beverage processing or storage.

Mots-clés : polyphénol; système de contrôle; dégradation chimique; anthocyane; stockage; hibiscus sabdariffa; sénégal

Thématique : Traitement et conservation des produits alimentaires

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