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Phytosterol vehicles used in a functional product modify carotenoid/cholesterol bioaccessibility and uptake by Caco-2 cells

Gies M., Servent A., Borel P., Dhuique-Mayer C.. 2020. Journal of Functional Foods, 68 : 8 p..

DOI: 10.1016/j.jff.2020.103920

Functional foods containing dispersible phytosterols (DPs) are recommended to reduce cholesterol absorption in humans. However, only a few studies have been conducted on the effect of DP vehicles on carotenoid bioaccessibility and uptake by intestinal cells. On a previously developed fermented maize product containing both DPs and carotenoids, we aim to evaluate the effect of DPs encapsulated by maltodextrin on the carotenoid/phytosterol/cholesterol interactions during gastro-duodenal digestion. Thanks to maltodextrin properties, ß-carotene and lycopene bioaccessibilities were significantly improved by 40.2 ± 1.4% while that of ß-cryptoxanthin decreased by 14 ± 0.1%. Additionally, the presence of DPs reduced the cholesterol micellarization by 51.8 ± 4.2%. Despite a slight decrease in carotenoid uptake caused by the DP vehicle, related to micelle size, an inhibition of cholesterol accumulation by Caco-2 cells was observed. These results highlighted the key role of maltodextrin as a vehicle of DPs on carotenoid and cholesterol absorption.

Mots-clés : phytostérol; maltodextrine; absorption digestive; cholestérol; carotène; lycopène; caroténoïde

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