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Genome characterization and diversity of trifolium virus 1: identification of a novel legume-infecting capulavirus

Ma Y., Julian C., Galzi S., Fernandez E., Yvon M., Pirolles E., Lefebvre M., Filloux D., Roumagnac P., Candresse T.. 2021. Archives of Virology : 6 p..

DOI: 10.15454/1.5572369328961167E12

DOI: 10.1007/s00705-021-05135-6

A novel geminivirus was identified in France and Spain in asymptomatic plants of white clover (Trifolium repens) and shrub medick (Medicago arborea). Its genome has the hallmarks of a capulavirus, and its relationship to other capulaviruses was confirmed by phylogenetic analysis. White clover isolates formed a tight cluster in the phylogenetic tree, while shrub medick isolates formed two distinct, more divergent groups with sequence identity values close to the species cutoff. These three groups have likely participated in recombination events involving alfalfa leaf curl virus and French bean severe leaf curl virus. The name "trifolium virus 1" (TrV1) is proposed for this new Capulavirus. Three TrV1 genotypes (TrV1-A, TrV1-B, and TrV1-C) were clearly distinguished.

Mots-clés : géminivirus; génome; identification; séquence nucléotidique; indexage des virus des plantes; trifolium repens; medicago; france; espagne; trifolium virus 1; capulavirus; viral genomes (en); génome viral; medicago arborea

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