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Evaluation of antioxidants and antimicrobials from plant extracts in pet food

Deyrieux C., Durand E., Barouh N., Lecomte J., Michel-Salaun F., Baréa B., Kergourlay G., Villeneuve P.. 2018. In : Abstracts of the 2018 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo. Minneapolis : AOCS, p. 17-17. 2018 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo. 109, 2018-05-06/2018-05-09, Minneapolis (Etats-Unis).

Lipid oxidation and Microbial development are a major concern in human's food. However, it is not the only sector where they are an issue, since the pet food market is also deeply affected. Pet food products are composed of oils and fats which contribute to their flavor, nutritional value, and texture. During the pet food manufacturing process, lipids are exposed to conditions promoting their oxidation which leads to rancidity, creates off-odors and lower food nutritional value. As in human food, the lipid oxidation may be delayed through the incorporation of antioxidants, and consumers frequently ask for natural solutions as an alternative to synthetic preservatives. Similarly, new efficient antimicrobial molecules are needed. As a consequence, pet food manufacturers are now tasked with improving the efficacy of natural antioxidants and antimicrobials. In this context, the present study went to investigate strategies to formulate pet food with highly effective antioxidants/ antimicrobials from natural sources. Thus, the efficacy of various plant extracts has been tested in different model assays.

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